Great Pirate

Genre: Strategy

Great Pirate — a free game of maritime adventures, thrilling battles, and endless exploration. Do you like stories about sea voyages, hidden treasures and ruthless battles with pirates? Now you can create your own story! But are you strong enough to brave the storm? In Great Pirate, a free browser role-playing game, you get a chance to be the Master of the Sea. Yet even the greatest adventures have to start somewhere. Your journey as a captain begins with witnessing your whole fleet perish beneath the waves after the attack of mysterious sea monsters. You are left with a single lifeboat and a purpose — survive and become the strongest!

New world awaits

Discover the vast world, full of wonders, monsters, pirates, and adventures. Remember that the sea is no place for the weak and your small lifeboat is not the perfect choice for a sea dog like yourself. Luckily, the locals are always eager to send you out on a quest to acquire some money and experience. 

Create a fleet. Be a true leader

Even though you start with a single ship, your goal should be creating a powerful fleet under the command of experienced captains. By gaining experience and leveling up, you will be able to upgrade your ships, improve your skills and hire more captains. 
Some basic equipment can be acquired in local stores, but truly powerful items are designed using blueprints that are hard to get. Furthermore, after successfully completing a particular quest, a skillful captain will be able to tame pets to help him in battle. 

Your island — a safe haven in a stormy sea 

This adventure game is not all about battles. When you need to rest you can always turn to your island. To unlock this feature, you have to complete several missions but it is well worth it!
Your own little island has several useful buildings:

  • Mansion — the main building that allows you to improve other buildings and collect taxes
  • Logging camp — gather  resources to build your ships 
  • Dock — produces additional materials 

Unlock other buildings and features as you level up!

Don't forget to check the surroundings of your island. Sometimes a chest with valuable treasures could appear near your shores!

Epic adventure is only a click away! Play Great Pirate for free and sail to distant shores!

game rating: 5

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6498589 months ago
I always get this black screen the cover the game so I cant play I'm frustrated because I play the game a lot
sil3n7ninja9 months ago
Can I restart?
peck52sr9 months ago
I get a black screen as oftern as not
amagkillerbee069 months ago
how can i play
jordan_letta10 months ago
this game is the best