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Great Pirate news

February 1: Great Pirate Updates

Hello, friends! We are starting the last month of this winter with a bunch of updated events in Great Pirate. Hurry up, don’t miss them out!

January 25: New Events in Great Pirate

Hello, pirates! Another week has passed, and you know what it means. A new wave of Great Pirate events is online! Log into the game and participate!

January 18: New Event Showdown in Great Pirate

Greetings, brave seafarers! We have great news for you all. As of this week, several new events are available in the game. Log into the Great Pirate and check them out!

December 29: Updates and New Events in Great Pirate

Greetings, our honorable Sea Warriors! The year 2016 is quickly coming to an end. Was this year in Great Pirate enjoyable? How much have you achieved? Are you ready to continue the adventure next year? In the meantime, don’t forget to check out holiday-themed events and other in-game activities!