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December 14: New Christmas Events and Other Updates in Great Pirate

Hello, noble warriors of the Seven Seas! The Christmas is getting even closer. This week we are offering you a couple of new holiday-themed events. Go check them out!

Win Snowball Chests in the Christmas Challenge, claim your daily prizes in the Anniversary event, spend your Diamonds to get into the Consume Rank, and don’t forget about Fortune Lotto and Beauty’s Gift!

Christmas Challenge

December 14–20

This week’s Christmas Challenge is basketball! During this event, players will try to score a goal to receive rewards and points. The number of points, as well as the hit rate, depend on the ball you choose:

  • Orange Ball — Two Points, Hit rate: 0.5–0.7, Cost: Gold (99 999);
  • Green Ball — Four Points, Hit rate: 0.5–0.7, Cost: Diamonds (x3);
  • Blue Ball — Twenty Points, Hit rate: 0.8–0.9, Cost: Diamonds (x15).

Missed a shot? Don’t get upset, you will still receive the Consolidation Chest!

Try to earn as many points as you can to claim the following rewards:

  • Earn 50 points — Snowball Silver Chest;
  • Earn 200 points — Snowball Golden Chest;
  • Earn 400 points — Snowball Silver Chest (x2);
  • Earn 800 points — Snowball Golden Chest (x3);
  • Earn 1 200 points — Snowball Golden Chest (x4);
  • Earn 2 000 points — Christmas Crystal Fragment (x100).

Snowball Chests contain a bunch of useful stuff. Open the Chest for a chance to get Combination Stones, Golden Souls, Large Astrology EXP Bags, Crystals, as well as golden, silver, and bronze Christmas Medals.

Collect the Christmas Medals to get into the ranking and claim even more rewards!

Don’t forget that Christmas Crystal Fragments are used to merge exceptionally powerful Titan Crystals!


December 14–20

During the Anniversary Event, players can participate in three different activities to win amazing prizes!

Daily Prize

Get the Anniversary Pack for logging into the game daily! Players have a chance to receive packs of various quality, containing some amount of the following items:

  • Commemorative Coins;
  • Gold Coin Bags;
  • Captain Skill Books;
  • Spirit Pot;
  • EXP Dungeon Attempts;
  • Christmas Gifts.

Don’t forget that it is a daily activity so you can claim your reward several times during the event.

Deluxe Wheel

During this particular activity, players can use the Commemorative Coins to spin the Deluxe Wheel. Each spin attempt costs 100 Commemorative Coins, but it’s well worth it because you will have a chance to get loads of Captains Skill Cards and Obsidian, Christmas Gem and Crystal Fragments, Christmas Gift, and other wonderful items!

Memorial Shop

You can also buy all sorts of items in the event’s Memorial Shop. Purchase Orange and Golden Captain Cards, powerful Statues and Avatars, as well as Titan Gems and Crystals!

Consume Rank

December 14–27

Let’s start spending those Diamonds like there’s no tomorrow! During the Consume Rank event, players will get into the ranking by spending the Diamonds. The Top-10 spenders will receive a nice bonus for their worries.

Consume the Diamonds to get Obsidian, Rare Astral EXP Bags, Jolly Rogers, Random Double Attributes Gem and Crystal Bags, as well as exclusive Ship Avatars!

Note that players will get a gift for spending even one Diamond.  

Also note that you will receive a gift even if you spend one Diamond!

The Ranking Rewards will be distributed on December 28, after the event ends.

Beauty’s Gift

December 14–20

Our girl Beauty is here so let the shopping frenzy begin! During this event, players could buy excellent items for a favorable price. Let’s see what is on offer this week:

  • First purchase (free) — Small Spirit Pot (x2);
  • Second purchase (36 Diamonds) — Golden Soul (x15);
  • Third purchase (72 Diamonds) — Captain Skill Book (x40);
  • Fourth purchase (36 Diamonds) — Combination Stone (x60);
  • Fifth purchase (72 Diamonds) — Rare Astral EXP Bag (x2);
  • 6th purchase (108 Diamonds) — Level 7 Random Double Attributes Gem Bag S;
  • 7th purchase (133 Diamonds) — Level 50 Neptunus Deck;
  • 8th purchase (108 Diamonds) — EXP Dungeon Attempts (x5);
  • 9th purchase (160 Diamonds) — Medium Modified 8 Miscarcand Chest;
  • 10th purchase (108 Diamonds) — Pink Astrology Card;
  • 11th purchase (170 Diamonds) — Level 7 Warlord Crystal;
  • 12th purchase (358 Diamonds) — Level 40 Olympic Cannon.

Note that players need to purchase all the items in a row.

Fortune Lotto

December 14–20

The Fortune Wheel if here! During this lottery event, players can spin the wheel for a chance to win awesome goodies, including Diamond Packs, Captain Skill Cards, Random Double Attributes Gem and Crystal Bags, Pet Skill Cards, and much more!

Remember that you will get a regular reward for you first two spins, and then a rare prize on the third spin.

Also note that you are required to recharge the specified amount of Diamonds to claim the third-spin prize!

Go test your luck, pirates!

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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