Great Pirate


January 4: New Events and Updates in Great Pirate

Another year has passed, but the fun never stops in Great Pirate! Log into the game right now and check out the events we’ve prepared for you this week!

Earn Lucky Charms for participating in the in-game activities, build the Snowmen to celebrate the winter season, recharge Diamonds to claim prizes in the Nami’s Gift, and don’t forget to check out National Rebate and Christmas Pitch events!

Lucky Charm

January 4–17

During this event, collect the Charms by completing various objectives and head out to the Charm Shop to purchase some top-tier gear!

Want to know how to earn the Charms? Here is the list of activities:

  • Spend a Diamond — Lucky Charms (x3);
  • Spin the Normal Wheel — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Spin the Advance Wheel — Lucky Charms (x50);
  • Win the battle at the Honor Isle (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Participate in the Cross-Server Battle (3 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x30);
  • Complete the Wanted Quest (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x3);
  • Challenge other players in the Arena (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x2);
  • Take part the Abyss Island Quest (30 attempts) — Lucky Charms (x5);
  • Join the Camp Battle (1 attempt) — Lucky Charms (x30).

Our Charm Shop offers a wide variety of amazing items, including pieces of Level 120 Olympic Set, Christmas Crystal and Gem Fragments, Blue and Purple Pet Eggs, and much more.

Don’t forget that on January 18, at the conclusion of this event, top-ranking players will be able to claim additional goodies, including tons of Obsidian, cool Avatars, high-level Gems, and other items.

Mister Snowman

January 4–10

Let’s begin the winter fun with our Mister Snowman event! During this activity, players will get points for building the Snowmen. Don’t forget that your first two building attempts are free!

Players will get a reward for each Snowman they’ve built. You can also get additional prizes for collecting the required number of points. Use this opportunity to get your hands on exceptional X-series equipment!

Also, don’t forget that you can claim prizes for the points collected by all the players from the server! Start building your Snowmen right now!

Nami’s Gift

January 4–10

Our generous girl Nami has prepared some fantastic gifts for players who like to recharge big! During this event, purchase the required amount of Diamonds during a single recharge to claim your prize:

  • Recharge 49 Diamonds at once — Recharge Chest I;
  • Recharge 799 Diamonds at once — Iron Heart (x20);
  • Recharge 1 799 Diamonds at once — Level 30 Olympic Cannon;
  • Recharge 2 999 Diamonds at once — Gordon Archimonde Golden Captain Card.

Our unique Recharge Chest I is full of wonderful items:

  • Level 7 Random Double Attributes Crystal Bag S;
  • Christmas Crystal Fragment (x8);
  • Gold Astrology Card;
  • Obsidian (x50);
  • Level 8 Gold Coin Bag (x10).

Also note that if you recharge 1 499 or more Diamonds during the event period, you will get Recharge Chest S, containing the following:

  • Christmas Gem Fragment (x150);
  • Level 10 Random Double Attributes Gem Bag S;
  • Pink Astrology Card;
  • Captain Skill Book (x200);
  • Level 9 Gold Coin Bag (x10);
  • Rare Astral EXP Bag (x10).

National Rebate

January 4–10

First National Rebate of 2017 is now live! During this event, players may claim additional Diamonds after purchasing the required amount. The rules are simple as always. Choose a stall and start recharging like crazy!

Think carefully before choosing the stall. Remember, the higher the stakes are, the more free Diamonds you can get. Recharge now!

Christmas Pitch

January 4–10

Didn’t get the opportunity to participate in the Christmas Pitch during the Holiday Season? No worries, this week the Christmas Pitch event is available once again!

During this activity, face our Pirate Goalkeeper for a chance to get Chests full of exceptional items.

Remember that you will get two free attempts during each day of the event. You may choose to pay 7 Diamonds to continue shooting after that. For every shot, there is a chance to get Golden, Silver, or Bronze Chest. Shot 10 times in a row for a chance to get Luxury Chest!

Missed a shot? Don’t worry, you will still receive a Memorial Chest!

The Chests contain various useful items, including loads of Obsidian, Astrology Cards, high-level Gems and Crystals, Iron Heart, and much more!

Don’t forget that you will also get Bronze, Silver, or Gold Medal after each successful shot. Collect the Medals to use in the Exchange Shop and get some tasty goods there!

Each medal received will also give you some number of points:

  • Bronze Medal — 2 Points;
  • Silver Medal — 5 Points;
  • Gold Medal — 10 Points.

Top-ranking players will get additional rewards at the conclusion of the event.

Please note that you cannot use old Christmas Medals in this event. However, you can split them to get some loot!

Please check event’s availability, conditions and rewards in the game. Players who haven't received the rewards despite fulfilling conditions of the event should contact customer support immediately. Don’t forget to provide your nickname, server and the name of the event.

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